Yang Guo AD-01802

Bitter Version 1/6 Figure by Advance Toys

Kung Fu series 1/6

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Advance AD-01802 Yang Guo Bitter Version

Item shown is a prototype. When shipped, the final production piece may differ in appearance.


L'articolo mostrato è un prototipo. Al momento della spedizione, il prodotto finale "di produzione" potrebbe essere diverso da quello di partenza.

Advance Toys continua la produzione di tutti quei personaggi sipirati ai film di arti marziali che difficilmente vedremo realizzati dalle grandi aziende, che invece impiegano le loro energie nella produzione di modelli più recenti e commerciali.



List of bitter version products:

  • The middle-aged version of the hair transplanted by Yang Dutou, using the latest hair-planting technology, the black-and-white hair is over-natural, and the face-carving color is specially treated to reveal a clearer skin texture.
  • Highly movable body, it is easy to put out a variety of different poses.
  • Metallic black iron epee A simulation of coarse linen can be backed by a black iron sword set
  • A pair of exquisite antique shoes
  • Exquisite snake-skin tube waist design platform (light-emitting design)
  • Seven skin textures with different shapes
  • 95 version of the TV series middle-aged Yang over a set of clothing
  • Highly reduced electroplated plastic mask (not scratched when worn)


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