Haohmaru 1/6 Bawang Maru by Tunshi Studio

Samurai Shodown - SNK

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Tunshi Studio Haohmaru 1/6 SAMURAI SHODOWN Bawang Maru SNK Banner

Item shown is a prototype. When shipped, the final production piece may differ in appearance.


L'articolo mostrato è un prototipo. Al momento della spedizione, il prodotto finale "di produzione" potrebbe essere diverso da quello di partenza.

Tunshi Studio is a studio specializing in the development of cartoon and semi-realistic character action figures. The prototypes are all experienced 3D prototypes in the animation industry. They have participated in the production of Dragon Valley, Nezha, Jiang Ziya, etc. Domestic high-quality animated films. The manager of the studio has rich experience in production lines and has been in the industry for several years. He has very solid quality control. Tunshi Studio will always launch a variety of high-quality dolls in different styles.



Haohmaru product content:

  • A head sculpt of Hawangmaru's majestic expression
  • A head sculpture of Bawang Maru with a smile and a straw emoji
  • An exclusive movable muscle body for Bawang Maru (arms and calves are hand-bound with bandages and have an old effect)
  • A set of Bawang Maru costumes (including old-fashioned effects)
  • Five pairs of hands exclusive to Bawang Maru:
  • A pair of fist hands
  • A pair of natural relaxing hands
  • A pair of special open hands
  • A pair of holding hands
  • A pair of sword-drawing hands
  • A pair of Bawang Maru high-precision straw-shoe feet (including the old effect)
  • One Bawang Wan jug (including the effect of ageing)
  • Bawang Maru Sabre "pufferfish poison" (precision moulded alloy blade, hand-banded handle)

-One special effect of Bawang Maru Uranus Arc Moon Slash
-One special effect of Bawang Maru Ukui Cyclone Slash
-One exclusive base for Bawang Maru (including long and short stand)

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