Daltanius GX-59R

Daltanius Renewal Chogokin by Bandai

Soul Of Chogokin

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Item shown is a prototype. When shipped, the final production piece may differ in appearance.


L'articolo mostrato è un prototipo. Al momento della spedizione, il prodotto finale "di produzione" potrebbe essere diverso da quello di partenza.

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the broadcast, the Soul of Chogokin Future Robo Dartanias will be renewed.
"Bellarios head" which respected super alloy at the time is attached with new modeling. You can choose and install it with the head of the animation setting design. Bellarios's limbs are plated and luxurious!
3 mechanisms are "cross in!" Daltanias, an invincible robot, is completed!
Various weapons and equipment in the setting are also thoroughly reproduced. You can choose from two types of Belorius heads on the chest. The replacement head can be displayed on a display stand!

A robot that transforms and unites in the upper body of Dartanias. This product renews the coloring of the head.

A lion-shaped cyborg that transforms and merges with the Dartanias's torso. The new modeling head parts of the renewal point and the plated limbs respect the super alloy at that time!

Gun par
A heavy fighter that transforms and unites with the Dartanias legs. The yellow part of the fuselage has been changed to light yellow inspired by the super alloy of the time.



Daltanius GX-59R
Product specifications
Height: about 270mm
Material: Die-cast, ABS, PVC
Set contents

  • Atraus body
  • Bellarios body
  • Gumper body
  • Del Fighter
  • Left and right wrist wrist for Dartanias
  • Detail up head
  • Left and right shoulder armor for detail up
  • Replacement wrist left and right 3 types each
  • Hand slicer x 2
  • Boomerang cutter joint
  • Shredder punch blade x 8
  • Transhield
  • Transeal grip
  • Lysander
  • Lysunder grip
  • Lysander Arrow
  • Transaver
  • Fire sword
  • Gyrospinner x 2
  • Gun par cutter × 2
  • Sigma beam
  • Sigma beam stand
  • Neutron missile launch unit
  • Bellarios head for replacement
  • Set of display stand parts
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